Background Investigations

  • State Driving Records- for all 50 states
  • Criminal Background- Both state and federal
  • State- All counties within state
  • Federal- All 50 states and territories

Our background investigations are thorough.  Driving records are checked in all 50 states and rechecked each year in compliance with DOT regulations. 

Criminal background investigations include a review of both state records (searching all counties within the state in which the employee resides) and federal (checking all 50 states and territories). 

Employee work history is carefully researched, looking for discrepancies between an employee’s statements and those of former employers. 

In addition, prior drug and alcohol tests are acquired in accordance with regulations, as well as any refusals to testing an employee may have made. 

Investigations are completed quickly, usually within 24 hours (driving records can be done in as little as 10 minutes).  We provide background checks for a variety of clients, not just the trucking industry. 

Our clients include construction and manufacturing companies, the West Virginia State police, and a number of state agencies; we can serve your company as well.

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