About Us

Joe Boggs & Associates began in 1986 when Joe Boggs figured out he could turn his knack for winning safety awards into a business. Joe Boggs learned trucking from inside the cab as well as nine years as a district safety director with Overnite Transportation Company. He knew what companies and drivers wanted and he saw that regulatory compliance was the key. Joe Boggs & Associates, Inc. organized a driver training course and assembled educational and training materials to meet that need. Thousands of today's truck drivers have earned their CDLS through the use of Joe Boggs audio courses.

As the business grew, Joe Boggs and Associates helped clients master the complexities of licensing and permitting, safety training and documentation, vehicle registration and tax record keeping.

Today over 75 client companies in West Virginia use our safety, compliance and training programs. These clients, many of them private carriers, have made this part of their commitment to safety and regulatory compliance. Clients have seen better results in employee selection and retention, maintenance costs, and an improved level of compliance, as well as a lower number of accidents. Not all of our clients are into shipping.  Hundreds of businesses have turned to us for employee testing for drugs and alcohol. Our experience with U.S. Dept. of Transportation regulations has made us a major resource for mobile sample collection and testing services.  We provide certified, solid results.

We have an in-house medical review officer as well as experts in OSHA safety requirements.

We provide expert witnesses in litigation of commercial traffic accidents and other industry related areas.

We are fully credentialed as members of the American Trucking Association, the West Virginia Motor Truck Association, the West Virginia Safety Council, the West Virginia Council of Safety Personnel, the American Association of Medical Review Officers, the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association and West Virginia Oil Marketers & Grocers Association.

Joe Boggs and Associates, proudly based in Charleston, West Virginia, and covering the truckers and employers of the United States. Our experienced staff can meet your needs.  See for yourself.

Joe Boggs & Associates, Inc. - 1703 Woodvale Dr. Charleston, WV 25314 United States - 304-345-1396 - info@joeboggsandassociates.com